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Quick Response (QR Codes)

QR CodesRemembering web addresses, brand names, products, and contact info can be a daunting task in the modern business world. With the endless number of companies competing for attention in marketing, both on and off the web, effectively utilizing new technology will give you the advantage in advertising.

Promotion scanning with Quick Response Codes, or QR Codes, has gained popularity with the rise in amount of smart phone users. Business owners can create scannable codes that quickly link to their web sites and promotions, an interactive way to connect with customers on the go.  You have probably seen these codes on marketing materials and signs.

Here is a sample that can be scanned by Smart phones:  pat-qr

QR Codes provide mobile users with a way to instantly access web sites, applications, or information just by taking a picture with their smart phone. QR Codes can be used on both Android and Apple (iOS) platforms using either Google Goggles, a program that scans and recognizes images, or third-party barcode scanners.

Adding your QR Code to a Web page, flyer or receipt will encourage customers to pull out their phone and check out your web site or promotion. This is a very effective tool for marketing your product or service to people on the go. Instead of remembering your contact info, web address or having to take time to type it in to their browser, they can simply snap a picture with their barcode scanner and immediately be directed to your page. The code can link them to a map that includes: hours of operation, contact information, and descriptions of your product / service. You can eliminate the need to carry around business cards by effectively using QR Codes!

In addition, you can also offer promotions and coupons. Instead of having your customers dig through your site, just have them scan a QR Code for instant viewing of your current offers. Provide customers with free versions or trials of your product. Give them a discount on their next service. Promote your sales and giveaways on the spot with just the click of a button. You will impress your clients with the ease of access to your services, and they will be sure to share your promotions with their friends.

QR Codes are a great way to expand your marketing horizons and effectively gain new business through mobile advertisement. Provide customers with instant access to your promotions and sales just by scanning the QR Code. Grow your business by introducing QR Codes to your marketing campaign, and guarantee your business a leg up in advertising!